The Barrier Reef 2 Border Charity Run - Running For Your Future              

The Barrier Reef 2 Border Charity Run (BR2B) was initiated by Tackle Youth Unemployment (TYU) to create awareness of and raise funds for the Charity.


The Founder of TYU, Darren Mackintosh, will run the full event from Cairns to the Gold Coast.  Darren will stop at towns and cities along the route and speak with schools, community groups and local councils to raise awareness of the Charity.  Darren will speak about the impact of long-term unemployment on our youth and the challenges it causes economically, emotionally and socially.


Darren speaks from experience.  He has over 20 years working in vocational education and has seen the various effects long-term unemployment has had on individuals.  Darren also speaks about his own experience being long-term unemployed as a youth, how it impacted his life and how he was motivated to identify dreams, create goals and plans for the future that are still being achieved today.


TYU works proactively as well as reactively with youth to inspire, motivate and support them so they avoid the challenges associated with long-term unemployment.  One of the key development areas that TYU aims to address is to help youth to identify goals and show them how they can plan for their future.  Thereafter, TYU offers a wide variety of free workshops that assist youth in obtaining employment.


The BR2B is a 2000 kilometre run.  Darren’s first goal when he was long-term unemployed was to run a marathon – he succeeded.  Now he plans to run from Cairns to the Gold Coast and is looking for youth who are keen to accomplish their own personal goals and run a “leg” of the BR2B with him. 


If you are interested in participating in the BR2B, decide which day is suitable to your location (see run route) and level of fitness and start training!


The BR2B is a great way for you to achieve a personal goal, help fundraise for a Charity, tell your own personal story, demonstrate your motivation and ideally lead you to employment.


If you would like to express interest in participating, please download the below form and complete.



Kindly note, there is a limit to the number of people that can participate each day, this varies depending on the area, therefore participants will be chosen on those completed applications received first.


If you have any questions please contact:



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Phone: 1300 651 769